Selected Exhibitions and Publications

“The American Image”, Gallery TBA (Atlanta, Georgia) Forthcoming 2019

Artist Residence, Kinngait Studios (Iqaluit and Cape Dorset, Canada)Forthcoming

Queer; Tribal, 401 Richement St Gallery, Nuit Blanche (Toronto, CA) September 2018

BLOOM Trans Series, 401 Richement St Gallery, Nuit Blanche (Toronto, CA) September 2018

“______hood", The Currack Modern Art (Durham, North Carolina) August2017

Artist Talk, (Gender and Representation) Three days Symposium, Goldman Saks & Co. June 2017

TransLife, Extra Ordinary, Goldman Saks & Co. (New York, New York) May2017

Gender Queer, Never Apart Gallery (Montréal, Canada) Forthcoming 

YPA/ASMP American Landscapes, Gallery Forthcoming (New York, NewYork) January 2017 

Gender Queer: Artist Talk, Dorset Fine Arts (Toronto, Canada) April2016 

Human 3.0, aMBUSH Gallery (Sydney. Australia) February 2016 

Queer WAH: Contemporary LGTBQ Artists, WAH Center (Brooklyn,New York) October 2015

Honorable Mention, AICAD/New York StudioResidency Program (Brooklyn, New York) May 2014 

 Vacancy / No Vacancy, Most Wanted Fine Art Gallery (Pittsburg, Pennsylvania) June 2014

Vacancy/ No Vacancy, Waterloo Arts Gallery,(Cleveland, Ohio) June 2014 

Photo Up Front, Cleveland Institute of Art /Front Room Gallery,(Cleveland. Ohio) April 2014 

Where We Go, Oxford Gallery (Detroit,Michigan) March 2014 


Musse Magazine Getting To Know the Artist, Nicholas Contrera, (Video Interview) November 2017 Nicholas Contrera Intimately Explores the boundaries of Gender Through the Lens of NYC Nightlife
Huffington Post. The Children of Christopher, July 2016
Manhattan Digest. Catching up with Artist Nicholas Contrera, Feb. 2016 
Huffington Post. Tribal Non Conforming, June 2015
Extra Ordinary. Trans Life. New York Pride Guide (p40). June 2015

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